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For hyper sensitive users, kindly use TOR link to ensure highest level of anonymity in mixing

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AtoBMixer is the only cryptocurrency mixer using MP2C as blender

Our services was used by our partners since 2015 for private mixing, in year 2017 we officially launched our services to the public as the demand grew for public mixing.

We use MP2C protocol which uses 2 pools where one pool is only for receiving funds and the other is for sending funds. This is to ensure you will never receive your mixed coins from the same pool since the two pools are different.

Our services uses Logless privacy protection and we are not required by the offshore country's law to provide logs.

We take client privacy and protection very important as privacy is core for this service.

We also use "Two talkless database" "Plug pull" and "Macro Data Wipe" in our services

To learn more about our privacy mechanism, click on the Learn More About MP2C button below or start mixing now

AtobMixer atob cryptocurrency tumbler mixer supported coins

Supported Cryptocurrency Coins

We now blend 16 different Cryptocurrency and Coins in our mixing services

Binance BNB
Bitcoin BTC
BitcoinCash BCH
BitcoinGold BTG
Zcash ZEC

Monero XMR
Ethereum ETH
Ethereum Classic ETC
Horizen ZEN
Ripple XRP

Komodo KMD
LiteCoin LTC
Unobtanium UNO
Zcoin XZC
LiteCoinCash LCC


What we offer

Logless Transactions

Logs are destroyed 24 hours after transaction complete

Two Pools System

We have a receiving pool and a sending pool

Low Service Fee

Our Service fee is random between 1.00% - 2.99%

Talkless Database

Receiving and sending has saparate databases

Random Receive Time

Receive your funds between 6-24 hours timed randomly to enhance privacy

Multi Crypto Support

We currently support 16 different coins

SSL Protected

Our sites are protected from data leaks

MP2C System

First in the market to use MP2C secured system

Fast Support

We reply all our clients within 1-24 hours and we suport PGP encryption

Mixer Pricing

Minimum mixing USD 20 per mix

Maximum mixing USD 500,000 per mix

Receive funds between 6-24 Hours

Mixing fee between 1.00%-2.99% plus transaction fee

Mix up to 10 address at one time

We service laundry for Bitcoin Monero Horizen Ripple Ethereum Classic Ethereum Komodo LiteCoin Unobtanium Zcoin Zcash Dash Binance BitcoinCash BitcoinGold LiteCoinCash in our mixer using MP2C tumbler technology for maximum anonymity